Solar Home Lighting System

Interior lighting for rooms, warehouses, security rooms, farms, emergency rooms and wards

The system includes an energy storage unit and a separate solar panel with a 5-meter cable for easy installation in sunny places. The device comes with 3 5-watt light bulbs for each bulb, a 10-meter cable and an operating switch to control each bulb separately.
The device works stably and for the length of operation without affecting the lighting power
The device has a light weight and small size
The device operates 3 lamps continuously in case of need for 8 continuous hours
The device has two USB outputs for emergency use to charge mobile phones or any devices that work with USB connections

Solar panel: Polycrystalline, 6 volts, 12 watts
Lamp power: 5 watts
Battery: Lithium (Life PO4) capacity 3.2 volts 12 amp
USB output:5 volts 2.5 amps
Product material: (PVC (+)PC )
Lighting color: white
Charging time: 6-8 hours (sunlight)
Operating time for 3 bulbs: 8 hours
One bulb operating time: 24 hours
Appropriate height: 3-5 meters