HIS Cable

Whether high quality single components, pre-assembled solar cables or individually developed string boxes: the cabling and switch system HIS CONNECT® has everything that plant operators, installers and service specialists need for cabling, switching and repairing of solar plants, including the safety you would wish for in your work.

 is more cost effective
The components are delivered ready to use, are quick to install, extremely durable and particularly maintenance-friendly. And this pays off.

 is the highest quality
We only use standard and certified components from leading manufacturers. Of course with the most moderm nachinery and in a professional environment. The quality is immediately obvious.

has greater availability
This is catered for by our international sales structure as well as our expert employees who look after logistics, and customs and deal with all particular features, both local and national.

 is perfectly matched
Not only the individual components and solutions for your whole system but also the particular climatic and insurance requirements of your plant.

 is one system
This means a modular system which you can make full use of. Solar cables, connectors, cable splitters, string boxes: here is everything you need for connecting and wiring.